Hall of Fame Kansas City Royals third baseman George Brett joined the Twittersphere earlier this month. Like countless current and former athletes before him, he probably viewed the platform as a place to interact with fans and others in the baseball business, promote himself and work on reducing his writing style to the socially acceptable 140-character format.

((via @GeorgeHBrett))

He tweeted that his dog, Charlie, was missing. He followed that with a photo and the offer of a reward. Brett then went after heavily-followed sports reporters including Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and ESPN’s Buster Olney. People began to retweet Brett, and soon #FindCharlie began trending around the country.

At 8:23 a.m. Wednesday — less than eight hours after his first tweet — Charlie was back home, safe and sound and Brett had a new appreciation for the power of Twitter.

We got him! Thank you for all the support! It is so touching to see how many people care! You all were a big help! Thank you

— George Brett (@GeorgeHBrett) May 30, 2012