Kobe Bryant in Milan last week. (Luca Bruno / AP)

Nah. That never happens in sports..

ter reports last week indicated that the Los Angeles Lakers star and Virtus Bologna were close to agreeing on a 10-game deal, new reports out of Italy say that there are single-game offers from Bologna for one game.

The team, according to La Repubblica (via CBSSports.com), has offered Bryant $1 million to play against Benetton Treviso next week. La Stampa and Sportando say the offer for one game is $2 million.

Bologna president Claudio Sabatini has offered deals of varying lengths, with nothing finalized. Any deal would allow Bryant to leave when the NBA lockout is settled — a possibility that seems remote now.

Gianni Petrucci, the Italian Olympic Committee president, told SkySport 24: “I respect Sabatini but I don’t believe that Italian basketball will be enriched by the presence of a phenomenon. I don’t want to create any more problems for basketball, they already have enough. I’m not saying I’m against it [the move for Bryant] but you understand my point of view. Right now sporting federations need certain rules, they need tranquillity, everyone must have limits.”