A year ago today was Easter Sunday and the Redskins made hearts thump like a bunny (which was both good and bad) with their big trade for quarterback Donovan McNabb.

(John McDonnell / TWP)

“The only thing I was saying [last month] about that [drafting a QB in the first or second round] is that would be ideal,” Frazier told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “That’s the term I used. But you don’t want to get to the point where you’re reaching for a player just because you have what you perceive as a need at quarterback. We want to get the best player that’s available and if the quarterback we like is not there, you can’t just say, ‘Okay, we’re going to take that guy because he plays quarterback.’ We have other needs other than that position. We’ve got to be smart. ...When we sit down and go through all the scenarios we’re going to try to take the best player that’s available for us at whatever spot we take him.”

Perfectly clear. So maybe Kevin Kolb or Carson Palmer or ... McNabb would be a better option for the Vikings. Peter King takes Door No. 3.

I think the team that makes the most sense for Donovan McNabb is Minnesota. The compensation that makes the most sense is a conditional fourth-round pick in 2012 that could rise to a three if McNabb starts 12 games this year. Or something like that. The Redskins can get partial payment (very partial) back for the move Mike Shanahan wishes he never made. The Vikings can sleep better at night knowing they don't have to rely on Joe Webb with a suspect offensive line and a veteran defense as they try to make one last playoff run with this core. McNabb can be happy knowing he has one more chance to take a contender deep into the playoffs. But if this happens, he'd better take full advantage of it, because it might be his last shot with a contender.

Conditional compensation may be the Redskins’ best option given that they aren’t exactly negotiating from a position of strength. Do you have a better solution?