Jay Cutler (right) gives way to Caleb Hanie. (Charles Rex Arbogast / AP)

Maybe he has an aversion to calendars.

“I'd want to play next week if they'd let me, but I don't think that's going to be in the cards,” Cutler said, via the Chicago Tribune. “It could be I'm done for the season. I just have to be smart about it and realize there is a long-term picture here.”

It’s so on. (Brian Kersey / AP)

He spoke with with the media for the first time Wednesday, shortly after Cavallari tweeted that their engagement, broken this summer, is a go again — “This time its official..Jay and I are engaged again :)”

Naturally, he was asked about a date for that, too.

“Just heard about that,” Cutler said. “I'm joking. Don't write that. No, there's no date for that.”

All righty then. Over to Lovie Smith, who was a little more certain about things. The coach acknowledged that Cutler could be finished for the year, but stressed that nothing was specific.

“A possibility?” Yeah. It's a possibility. … Until someone tells me that he's not, we're going along like he will be able to come back. And nothing was said otherwise. Surgery went well.”

The surgery involved placing three screws and two pins in the thumb; the pins will have to be removed three-to-10 weeks after surgery.

“We'll have to see week-by-week and take some X-rays and some CT scans to see if the bone's healing like it should,” Cutler said. “I don't want to put a real number on it because I just don't know.”