He’d be wearing sunglasses even if his future weren’t so bright. (David J. Phillip / AP)

Jeff Fisher, whose Tennessee Titans came thisclose to winning Super Bowl XXXIV way back when, is interviewing today with the Miami Dolphins, who fired Tony Sparano during the season. He’s expected to interview with the St. Louis Rams, who fired Steve Spagnuolo on Monday, later this week. Fishermania is at such a fever pitch that he’s rumored to be leaning toward Miami because the fishing is better there. (Hey, Mississippi River fish are pretty tasty.) Unless he’s leaning toward St. Louis. The father of Keith Demoff, the Rams’ vice-president and chief operating officer, happens to be Fisher’s agent.

Although Jim Caldwell remains coach of the Indianapolis Colts, who fired Bill and Chris Polian on Tuesday, Fisher’s name has been mentioned there, too. (That’d be fun. Remember the time he playfully donned a Peyton Manning Colts jersey at a charity event in order to feel like a winner?) Jacksonville and Kansas City also have openings, but those destinations aren’t firing up the Fishometer.

He will not, however, interview in San Diego or in Philadelphia. Norv Turner and Andy Reid are returning.

And to think that only a year ago, Fisher was an embattled coach in Nashville.