View Photo Gallery: New Jersey Nets' Deron Williams, right, drives to the basket as New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin defends during the third quarter of an NBA basketball game Monday.

Jeremy Lin joined Facebook on Sunday, and as of this writing, has not posted anything other than a profile picture. Nevertheless, he’s gained 72,000 subscribers and counting, and more than 450 people have commented on his profile picture — a simple image of the Knicks superstar wearing a white jacket, with a huge smile on his face.

The English-language comments on Facebook — or “LINBOOK!” as one of them put it — fall into five categories:

Compliments: Lin’s Facebook profile is, unsurprisingly, a lovefest for his fans. Women have taken to it, posting heart emoticons and telling Lin that he’s cute. Men are not hesitating to tell Lin that he is “The Man!”

Racism: It looks like the fired ESPN employee who posted an ethnic slur on its site isn’t the only one spewing venom towards Lin (though the athlete has said that he believes the remark was unintentional, and has accepted the sports site’s apology). Perhaps because there are too many comments to moderate, some nasty things that people have said about Lin and his race remain on the page.

Religion: Lin’s Christian fans are watching the page, and they’ve been posting their prayers for his success. “Play for God! Prayer for u!” posted one fan, while another wrote, “ God bless you ! Working with Jesus~walking everyday~walking all the way~ [sic].” They like to remind him that life is not about winning or losing, but about God. “ The Lord is our shepherd. Thanks for sharing his words through u!” wrote one fan.

Advice: Lin’s fans have Facebook-comment wisdom to offer him. Some of is it basic, like the fans who offered, “Congrats Jeremy! Stay grounded, humble and MOST IMPORTANTLY............STAY ON THE KNICKS!!!! :) [sic]” or like the conflicted Allen Iverson fan who said, ” Jeremy be smart don't be like one of my favorite ballers A.I. [sic]” Some of the advice is more specific, like this kernel of wisdom from one fan: “ Jeremy, I recommend that you having ginseng to bring the physical strength !(less garbage food will do you good!) [sic]”

Puns about his name: For the rest of his life, Jeremy Lin will hear headline-worthy puns about his name at games, on social media, or even just shouted to him when he’s recognized on the street. Surely, the repetition of such annoying puns would be enough to drive a man Linsane. Ok, sorry. But many of Lin’s Facebook followers are simply parroting back his best headlines: “Lin'ing!” “All i do is lin lin lin.” “Super Lintendo!” Wrote one fan: “I study LINguistics in college just for you!!!!!!!!”

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