View Photo Gallery: New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, an undrafted second-year player from Harvard, continues to steamroll the NBA.

It’s Week 2 in the suddenly wacky life of Jeremy Lin and the Linsanity Tour shows no signs of lessening, not when the New York Knicks are seeking their sixth straight win since Lin became a starter in what he calls “a miracle from God.”

To recap, on Va-Lin-tine’s Day:

•A New York Knick — a New York Knick! — is on the Sports Illustrated cover this week. The last Knick on the cover? Marcus Camby on June 28, 1999.

•There’s now a word generator (which is helpful for those of us who stopped at Linsanity). Lincopedia! Linyourface!

•America loves him. His teammates love him...especially when he’s making things easier for, you know, them.

“I know there's questions about, ‘Can I fit in?’ and stuff like that, but this is like a dream come true to me,” Carmelo Anthony said. “It takes some pressure off of me. I don't have to play point guard. I don't have to try to get Amare 20 points, try to get this guy 20 points, me try to go out there and get 25-30 points a night, play defense, rebound, do the whole thing.”

•Real-estate developer Edward Mermelstein offered Lin a free one-bedroom apartment in the city, so he won’t have to sleep on a couch any longer.

•Imagine how Linsane things would be if all New Yorkers could actually see the Knicks. Because of a dispute with MSG, Time Warner Cable has been blacking out Knicks (and Rangers) games since the first of the year.

•Stephen Colbert has been stricken with “a raging case” of Linsanity. “My symptoms: Linsomnia, restless Linsyndrome and Lintestinal blockage!” (The NBA hasn’t seen anything like this since the “outbreak of Kareem Abdul-Jabotulism.”)

•The Harvard grad called his story “a miracle from God” today in Toronto.

“Any time something like this happens, a lot of stuff has to be put into place, and a lot of it is out of my control,” said Lin, who was called upon to start when the brother of Amar’e Stoudamire died last week. Anthony also was out for a while. “If you look back at my story, doesn't matter where you look, but God's fingerprints are all over the place where there have been a lot of things that had to happen that I couldn't control.

“You can try to call it coincidence, but at the end of the day, there are 20, 30 things when you combine them all that had to happen at the right time in order for me to be here. That's why I call it a miracle.”

Stoudamire returns for tonight’s game against the Raptors, which could quell the Linsanity. He admitted Monday that he and his grieving family found joy in watching Lin.

“The only positive for us during that whole week was we were watching the basketball games and we were watching Linsanity,” Stoudemire said. “My family was getting a kick out of it. That's the only smiles they really had all week. It was great to see that. It's been a tough week.”