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When a Michigan family recently discovered a 108-year-old football card while cleaning out an old farmhouse, they had no idea they’d stumbled upon a a $10,000 treasure. But that’s how much an 1894 card of former Harvard football player John Dunlop goes for these days.

You can buy a heck of a lot of bubble gum with that kind of cash — but it’s nothing compared to the haul Manhattan collector Yair Rozmaryn pulled in for his not-quite-vintage card featuring another famed Harvard grad.

Rozmaryn’s signed National Treasures Jeremy Lin rookie card just sold for $21,580 in an eBay auction. And to think, a mere three weeks ago, the guy was a relative unknown in the NBA.

The Dunlop card, created by the Mayo Tobacco Works of Richmond Virginia, while not in the best condition, is considered to be part of the ‘Holy Grail’ of football cards, Legends Sports and Games president Lou Brown told Yahoo! News. The card is one of only 10 known to still exist.

But apparently, Linsanity trumps history in this case.

On the auction page, the Lin card is touted as “the Holy Grail of Jeremy Lin basketball cards!”

“We could someday be comparing this card to the Honus Wagner tobacco rookie and other great sports collector’s items,” the card description reads.

Rozmaryn bought the Lin card from another collector for $1,000 two weeks ago. That’s quite the immediate payoff. As Rozmaryn told ESPN on Wednesday, “I saw a lot of potential in him.”

NBA general managers, get this guy on your scouting staff, ASAP!

(H/T Ball Don’t Lie)

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