Jeremy Lin joined the Houston Rockets in mid-July. (Bob Levey / Getty Images)

In a You Tube video posted by his father, Naim was inconsolable when told that Jeremy Lin would not be returning to the New York Knicks and, instead, would be playing for the Houston Rockets.

“You still have [Amar’e] Stoudemire,” his father tells him That won’t do it. “You’ve still got your Stoudemire jersey.” Not a chance. Carmelo Anthony? Tyson Chandler? Little Naim was having none of it, clinging to his tear-soaked Linsanity foam finger.

Lin saw the video and “was so touched,” Naim’s dad wrote on You Tube, that “he decided to reach out to us and offer a Skype virtual meet with Naim.”

Naim’s father posted that to You Tube, too. The talk with Lin is sweet and touching, especially when Lin tells little Naim: “You need to still root for them, ’cause they’re gonna be a great team with or without me, all right? So you have to keep going to their games and watching them. They’ll be really good.”

(Never mind the part of the video where Naim’s father points out to his child that, as a 29-year-old Knicks fan, he has had pretty much unending heartbreak.)

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