View Photo Gallery: Dottie Sandusky stood by her husband, Jerry Sandusky, throughout his trial on charges of child sex abuse. His conviction hasn’t changed that.

Jerry Sandusky’s conviction on charges of child sex abuse hasn’t changed Dottie Sandusky’s feelings for her husband of 40 years.

“I love my husband,” she told a Centre Daily Times reporter in a brief interview Thursday on a street in Bellefonte, Pa.

She added, “He’s not who they say he is.”

Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State defensive coordinator under Joe Paterno, remains in jail awaiting sentencing after his conviction in June on 45 charges of molesting 10 boys. At 68, he faces a minimum of 60 years in prison.

She has remained by her husband’s side since his arrest in November, posting bail last winter and attending court proceedings with him. In December, she issued a statement saying he was innocent, saying accusers were lying.

On Thursday, Dottie Sandusky reportedly was meeting one of her sons and his friend for pizza when she was interviewed and declined to elaborate on her testimony in Sandusky’s trial. In June, she testified that she remembered most of the men who testified that they were molested as children and that her husband had not had inappropriate contact with them. At issue was whether some incidents occurred in the basement of the family’s home. She testified that it wasn’t soundproof and that she heard no sounds of a struggle, contradicting one man who testified that he screamed as he was assaulted by Sandusky.

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