View Photo Gallery: Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who was found guilty on 45 charges of child sex abuse, has been replaced on a mural by a depiction of Dora McQuaid, a PSU graduate and former professor who is an advocate for domestic and sexual violence victims and issues.

As civil lawsuits were filed in the wake of the conviction of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky on child sex-abuse charges, attorneys on both sides of the case were called back into court Tuesday in Bellefonte, Pa.

At issue was the matter of a taped police interview with Sandusky’s adopted son, Matt, that was leaked to NBC. In the interview, Matt Sandusky alleges that Jerry Sandusky began abusing him when he was 8.

Judge John Cleland reprimanded both sides and sought to determine the source of the leak, according to a report. He also ordered the defense to stop sharing evidence and to tell under oath what they have shared.

Defense attorney Karl Rominger said that a leak by his side “would be illogical. I think the logical answer is someone who wants to impugn Jerry Sandusky further.”

A similar order will be given to prosecutors, but it will come from the grand jury judge and will be under seal. “We get the order out in public that says, account for what you're doing and don't do it anymore,” he said, “and the commonwealth gets their order in secret.”

After earlier denials, Matt Sandusky, speaking through his lawyer last week, said for the first time that he molested by Sandusky. Matt Sandusky, 33, was adopted by Jerry and Dottie Sandusky as an adult, after living with them as a foster child.

In the taped interview, he said that, through therapy, his memories of abuse were just now beginning to surface. He said he tried to flee from Sandusky’s home and also attempted suicide.

Meanwhile, a civil lawsuit alleges that abuse by Sandusky stretches as far back as the 1970s, according to a report by WJAC in Johnstown, Pa. The suit was filed Tuesday on behalf of three men Sandusky was found guilty of abusing as well as an alleged victim who had filed suit against Penn State last month. The lawsuit seeks to keep The Second Mile, the organization founded by Sandusky to help at-risk children, from distributing its assets to Arrow Ministries.

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