View Photo Gallery: Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary testified on the second day of the trial of Jerry Sandusky.

Both the drama and the emotion were heightened on the second day of the trial of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky on over 50 charges of child sexual abuse.

Former assistant coach Mike McQueary testified that he saw Sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy in the locker-room showers at the Penn State facility in 2001. Earlier in the day, alleged Victim No. 1 wept as he graphically detailed the alleged sexual abuse, an accusation that set the investigation in motion four years ago.

McQueary’s father, John, is expected to take the witness stand today in Bellefonte, Pa. Mike McQueary testified that he called his father after witnessing the alleged shower incident in 2001.

More victims are expected to testify as well and there was an indication of how Sandusky’s lawyers might defend him. Sandusky has maintained his innocence since his arrest last fall and, of course, the defense has not yet presented its case. One component of his defense, though, may be that he suffers from histrionic personality disorder, according to Sandusky's lawyers filed a motion Monday indicating that they intend to summon an expert witness on the disorder, which is relatively rare and isn’t often connected with pedophilia, according to Pennlive's report. People with the disorder are “dramatic, with exaggerated expressions. They’re shallow, often obsessed with their looks. They’re seductive, impulsive. They’re constantly seeking approval,” Diana Fishlock writes. Expect to hear more about that soon.

Follow the trial live after the jump and follow The Post’s Joel Achenbach on Twitter. Warning: testimony is likely to continue to be graphic and disturbing.

In other news related to the scandal, prosecutors filed documents indicating that Gary Schultz, Penn State’s former vice president for business and finance, kept a confidential file on allegations of inappropriate behavior. Prosecutors contend that contradicts statements Schultz made when he testified before a grand jury investigating the allegations. Schultz and former athletic director Tim Curley are awaiting trial on charges of perjury and failing to report sexual abuse to authorites.

Schultz, in his administrative position, oversaw the university’s police force.

In the filing, prosecutors allege that “the commonwealth has come into possession of computer data (again, subpoenaed long ago but not received from PSU until after the charges had been filed in this case) in the form of emails between Schultz, Curley and others that contradict their testimony before the Grand Jury.”

Schultz, through his attorney, issued a statement Tuesday night:

“To be clear, Mr. Schultz did not possess any secret files. All his files were left behind after he retired and were available to his secretaries and his successor. The only ‘secret’ information revealed was the privileged grand jury information inaccurately described by unidentified law enforcement sources to the media.”

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