The Jets show their scrappy side — to one another. (Dennis Nett / AP)

About 20 players brawled along the sideline at practice today in Cortland, N.Y., in a bit of a dustup that Coach Rex Ryan helped break up and came close to fans and media members, according to ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini. (Video of some of the fight can be seen here; warning: it’s about as exciting as a training camp fight usually is.)

Nothing more to see here. (Dennis Nett / AP)

After about a minute, order was restored and it was all good — except for Sanchez, who said (via the Star-Ledger’s Jenny Vrentas), “there’s no excuse for it. There’s no throwing a ball at a teammate. There’s no shoving a guy out of bounds into the [advertising] signs [along the sidelines].”

Sanchez pointed out that brawling is counterproductive. “Rex will address it. That’s his call ... But it’s not helping us, that’s for sure. I don’t see how that makes us any better.”

Lynn admitted (via Vrentas) that “I lost my temper” and, because his father coaches McKnight, added, “He was probably rooting for him.”

McKnight said he didn’t regret throwing the football but wasn’t holdinging a grudge: “I love him, just like I love his dad.”

Anthony Lynn had the best line: “You know, I’d probably just yell ‘Kick his [butt]!” and neither one would know who I was talking to.”

These things happen all the time in training camp, yet it’s rather ironic that, after endless live broadcasts last week from Cortland, ESPN misses this.

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