Mark Sanchez is finding out that New York can be a lonely place. (Matt Slocum / AP)

The responses from his offensive brethren came a day after unnamed teammates questioned his dedication and ability in a “one Jet said” New York Daily News story. The back-page of the Daily News was green with envy at the notion of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in a Jets uni. (Imagine if MetLife Stadium became “The Manning Bowl.”)

“Everything in that article is wrong,” Matt Slauson told Newsday. ”Mark is the hardest-working quarterback I've ever played with and he has so much potential. It may not look like it, but he is heading in the right direction. He's a stud. He works harder than anyone.”

There wasn’t much to say the day after the season ended with a thud rather than a Lombardi Trophy. (Seth Wenig / AP)

“I've never, ever heard anyone question his work ethic,” tight end Dustin Keller said. “I think Mark's great work ethic is something that no one can argue. I really wish that any sources that believe that to be true would step forward.”

Nick Mangold tweeted an immdiate response Wednesday, then elaborated on “The Michael Kay Show” on ESPN 1050.

“I didn't think that anyone was sitting there and saying, 'I don't think Mark can get it done,’ ” the center told Kay. “We all believe Mark is a fantastic player for us who can win games, who has won games for us. And to have this come out really makes me question where it came from and the motive behind it.”

But, if the option were Peyton Manning?

“Shoot, I'll take Joe Montana if he had a clean bill of health,” Mangold said. “Dan Marino, I think, would be another great one. It's all speculation. Mark Sanchez is my guy. He's the one I want to go to battle with. I wouldn't be too keen on seeing that being changed.”

This by @TheJetsStream is false. If “unnamed sources” want to attack Mark, man up and put your name to it #JETSWed Jan 11 15:29:50 via Twitter for iPhoneNick Mangold

All of which points out the obvious: there’s a pretty wide divide in the Jets’ locker room. Which means that an adult needs to take charge. Enter Tony Sparano, who is replacing offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and will be the bad cop to Rex Ryan’s good cop.