The move of Syracuse and Pittsburgh from the Big East to the ACC raises one big matzo-ball of a question: Who gets custody of Madison Square Garden?

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto, in measured comments to the New York Times issued a reminder that the Big East has an MSG contract but was cheeky enough to say, “We may even hold the opening round of our basketball tournament in Greensboro [often home of the ACC tournament].”

If the ACC tourney is in NYC, Mike Tranghese, former commissioner of the Big East, said, “I can sure tell you that I won’t be there watching it.”

And then there’s Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim. “Where would you want to go to a tournament for five days?” he asked in an appearance before the Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham. “Let's see: Greensboro, North Carolina, or New York City? Jeez. Let me think about that one and get back to you.”

Boeheim said he thinks Connecticut will bolt for the ACC as well, and, possibly, so will Rutgers. “It's kind of like a dance. You don't want to be the one standing at the end with no chair to sit in.”

Sixteen-team superconferences seem inevitable, although Boeheim would opt for 10-team conferences based on geography and rivalries.

“If the conference commissioners were the founding fathers of this country, we would have Guatemala, Uruguay and Argentina in the United States,” he said. “The audience knows why we are doing this. There are two reasons: Money and football. We're going to end up with mega-conferences, and 10 years from now either I'm going to be dead wrong — and I'll be the first to admit it — or everyone is going to be like, ‘Why did we do this? Why is Alabama playing Texas A&M one week and going to Texas Tech the next weekend? And why is Syracuse going to Miami in basketball this week, and next week they're going to play Florida State?’ ”


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