Jim Tressel, former coach at Ohio State University, has landed a job at the University of Akron as the school’s vice-president for strategic engagement..

Tressel, according to Akron’s ABC affliate, is expected to be introduced in a 10 a.m. press conference and will make $200,000 annually. Tressel recently participated in the search that resulted in the hiring of Terry Bowden as football coach.

“When Jim Tressel and other alumni assisted us in our search for a football coach last December, we began to engage in dynamic conversations about Jim’s professional goals outside of athletics,” UA spokeswoman Eileen Korey said, in a prepared statement. “We share a common interest in innovative programs for student success. Our discussions continue.”

Tressel’s career at Ohio State ended May 30 amid an investigation into NCAA violations at the school. He was a game-day review consultant last fall with the Indianapolis Colts — after serving a six-game suspension that Commmissioner Roger Goodell decreed converted from the NCAA to the NFL.