Joe Gibbs isn’t planning another return to the NFL, but he think s it’s a good idea for Bill Parcells. (Nigel Kinrade / AP)

Bill Parcells and the New Orleans Saints are no closer to a decision about whether he will come out of retirement and coach the team during Coach Sean Payton’s suspension over Bountygate, but one former opponent endorses the idea.

Easy for Joe Gibbs to say about his former adversary...he’s in NASCAR now.

“I can’t believe I’m talking about Parcells,” Gibbs said with his trademark cackle in an ESPN racetrack interview over the weekend. “I’m trying to forget Bill Parcells [more cackle]. If it wasn’t for Bill Parcells, I’d have three more of these [showing off a Super Bowl ring and cackling a little less].”

Payton’s appeal, which is expected to be heard this week, and possible penalties to Saints players, may be holding up a decision on who will coach the team. But Gibbs, turning serious, endorsed the idea of Parcells, who will turn 71 in August, returning to the sideline. Gibbs came out of retirement to return to the sideline for the Redskins, but he already was in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Parcells would have to wait another five years for eligibility if he returns to coaching. Still, Gibbs thinks coaching again is a good idea for Parcells.

“It makes absolute sense to me. I think every time Bill gets a little away ... for a little bit -- he plays some golf, he watches the horses and then he’s ready to get back into football. I think it makes a lot of sense, I think he’s the perfect guy for Coach Payton, I think they get along great,” Gibbs said.

“To me, it seems like a natural fit. I think he would probably enjoy it, too. Probably reached a point where he wants to be in something that’s maybe not going to be a 10-year thing. I think he would probably be a good fit for that. I would say it would be a good choice.”

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