Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub left the field after being separated from his helmet — and very nearly his ear — on a hit by Joe Mays on Sunday. (RICK WILKING / Reuters)

The hit sent Schaub’s helmet flying and, as it came off, it ripped a part of Schaub’s ear. He came out for only one play as the blood flow was stanched. Mays, who has never been suspended, will appeal, CBS’s Jason La Canfora reports. ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported the suspension; the Denver Post’s Lindsay Jones reported the fine.

Mays was called for a personal foul on the play and spoke with Schaub after the game Sunday.

“After the game, we shook hands and talked about it,” Schaub said. “No hard feelings. It's football. It's a physical, violent game. He said, ‘Hey, nothing intentional, nothing personal.’ We move on.”

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