John Beck, in 2010 training camp. (Alex Brandon / AP)

It’s been a while since the John Beck radio tour, but with training camps on the verge of opening, Beck offered a little clarity on where he stands with the Washington Redskins.

Just what has he been told by Coach Mike Shanahan about the seemingly wide-open position of starting quarterback?

“I’ve been told that I’ll have an opportunity to compete for the starting job,” Beck said in an interview with the Junkies on 106.7. “That’s all you can ask for.”

Beck said he hasn’t talked to Shanahan other than for a brief period when the lockout was lifted by a court order in late April. “I’m not training to be a backup in this league. ... I want to be the guy out there battling and going through the ups and downs. I want to be that guy.

What about Rex Grossman? Beck wasn’t going there. “I think you guys know as well as me ... the smart person knows how to get around that question and I’m going to do the same thing. I know me and I know where I stand and I know Rex feels the same way. We used to watch tape and talk about our situations .. I asked Rex if I could watch with him because he has the most experience with this offense. I know howhe feels. He was on a team that went to a Super Bowl, was a starter for a couple of years ... That’s why the competition level is so intense. You have all these guys who know they can do it. They believe they can do it. I know Rex is going to come out swinging. ... I feel the same way. You go out there and do the best that you can and hope it works out for you.”

If, by some chance Beck is the guy, he was asked whether he’d wear a wristband with plays on it, something McNabb reportedly refused to do. “I don’t even know the whole wristband situation. If they say, wear a wristband, I’ve worn wristbands on other teams. I’m separating myself from [it] because I don’t know what went on.”

Beckwas asked about the Redskins’ lack of success over the last decade. “The quarterback is surrounded by pressure and the quarterback has to deal with it, from the other team and the season and how it’s going and you have to be able to deal with it. If you look up information on me, that’s exactly what you’re going to find. ... I’m not going to even try to sit down and try to answer all the qeustions. I’m not even going to get into it. I know the kind of player I am. Nobody but me knows the kind of work I’ve been doing the last few years. Maybe my wife.”

Beck worked out with Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers and A.J. Feeley during the lockout and found common ground with Brees, whose ability was questioned after he had shoulder surgery. And he finds some inspiration in a baseball movie.

“At the beginning of ‘The Natural,’ his dad says, ‘Roy, You’ve got a talent. You’ve got to work on that talent.’ I can remember [watching it with his dad] and my dad pausing it there and turning to me — I actually did this to my 4-year-old, I bought the Blu Ray the other day. Ultimately everybody is talented. What are going to be the things that separate me? How can I be a leader? How can I raise my skills? What separates me and what ultimately helps me to succeed will be those things.”

Beck’s past disappointments in Baltimore and Miami were brought up and Beck said he doesn’t “even worry about those days anymore, they’re so far behind me. I’m a Redskin now.”