Jonathan Vilma, the New Orleans Saints’ suspended linebacker , met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. (Louis Lanzano / AP)

In the affadavit, Williams alleges that Vilma had offered a $10,000 bounty to knock quarterback Brett Favre, then with the Minnesota Vikings, out of the 2009 NFL Championship game. Vilma, whose year-long suspension for his alleged role in the Saints’ bountygate scandal was recently thrown out, has denied any involvement in the scheme.

“What Gregg Williams said in his most recent affidavit is the same falsity he has previously provided,” Peter Ginsberg, Vilma’s lawyer, said. “I don't know what Gregg Williams' motives are, but I do know that any suggestion by Williams that Jonathan put up $10,000 as an incentive for his teammates to injure another player is absolutely false.”

When Vilma, seeking to have his suspension thrown out, met Monday with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, he was presented with a copy of Williams’s affadavit. Williams, who most recently was the St. Louis Rams’ defensive coordinator, has been suspended indefinitely by Goodell.

“You obviously want me to be guilty if you can't see that Gregg was bullied to sign the affidavit. He signed three days ago! #weakattempt,” Vilma tweeted after the meeting.

Vilma added that he can produce nine affadavits saying he was not part of a bounty program and his lawyer issued a subpoena for Mike Cerullo, a former assistant defensive coordinator. “Ask the nfl to "leak" cerullo's declaration too. Every1 will have a field day reporting how their stories don't match,” Vilma tweeted.

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