Justin Timberlake went back to college to prep for his role as Capitol One Cup presenter at the 2011 ESPYs. (Stephen Lovekin/GETTY IMAGES)

(Watch Justin Timberlake take on college athletics here .)

Justin Timberlake combined his passions for music, dance, comedy and sports on stage at the 2008 ESPY awards with the timeless classic “Why I Love Sports.”

Backed by Greg Oden’s keystrokes a grand piano and a full orchestra, JT showcased his wide array of talents — which included just about everything but an ability to find a word that rhymed with “Favre”.

Well, the ESPYs are back, and so is Timberlake.

He’ll be on hand to present the inaugural Capital One Cup at the annual awards show on July 13. The first-year honor is bestowed upon the best programs in Division 1 men’s and women’s athletics.

Naturally, JT made a video to promo his participation, and this baby has it all: JT in a skirt, JT in the pool, JT running suicides, plenty of below the belt humor.... What’s not to like?