Give Andre Parker credit.

The Kent State linebacker showed great hands when he scooped up a fumbled punt return during Thursday night’s season opener against Towson. He showed strength when he stiff-armed a would-be tackler to the turf. And he showed off his speed when he sprinted down the sideline toward the end zone.

Parker’s fumble return had all the makings of a top-10 highlight — with one problem... he ran the wrong way.

It wasn’t until after Parker was knocked out of bounds following his 58-yard return that he realized his gaffe. His reaction 33 seconds into the above video is priceless.

The commentators incorrectly stated that had Parker run the right way, he would have given the Golden Flashes an easy touchdown. But by rule, a muffed punt cannot be returned. So the ball was spotted where Parker first picked it up at Towson’s 7-yard line.

But Parker didn’t provide the only comedy on the play. The two Tigers on the punt coverage team who instinctively chased him down the field and eventually knocked him out of bounds earned co-starring awards.

Fortunately for Parker, he and his teammates could laugh it off after their 41-21 win. But Parker is now immortalized on the 2012 college footbal blooper reel. And we can all be thankful for that.

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