The NBA’s loss was Sigma Nu’s gain as Kevin Durant played a little flag football at Oklahoma State. (K.T. King / The Daily O’Collegian)

It starts, as almost everything does, with the incomparable combination of boredom, stardom and Twitter.

“This lockout is really boring..anybody playing flag football in Okc..I need to run around or something!”

No sooner had Kevin Durant tweeted than Oklahoma State student George Overbey, who played high school hoops with Blake Griffin at Oklahoma Christian, answered. After assurances by KD that he could catch, an intramural flag game up the road in Stillwater was on. There was one stipulation before Durant could join the Sigma Nu frat team:

Only if you bring your A game. Yes for real! Come up early and hangout, go over some plays RT @KDTrey5: @groverbey forreal?Mon Oct 31 21:46:28 via EchofonGeorge Overbey

No worries. He did.

I had soooo much fun at Oklahoma st playing flag football! Shoutout my new buddy @groverbey for inviting me! I threw 4 tds and had 3 ints!!Tue Nov 01 04:24:12 via EchofonKevin Durant

I CAUGHT 3 ints RT @kingr3ll13: @KDTrey5 no wonder why u chosen basketball wit stats like that lolTue Nov 01 04:29:54 via EchofonKevin Durant

Although Sigma Nu won, it had to forfeit because Durant isn’t a member of the frat — does David Stern run this league, too? Still, it was a fun night for a big crowd that showed up to watch and for Durant, who tweeted Candace Parker that he went as “Randy Moss” on Halloween. Oh, and now LeBron James wants a little piece of the action.

@KDTrey5 Team KD35 vs Team King James do I hear? Flag football. I have the best of field here in Akron. Day game or under the lightsTue Nov 01 05:09:43 via EchofonLeBron James

H/T The Daily O’Collegian and K.T. King