American NBA star player LeBron James poses for a group portrait after a short basketball clinic with young Taiwanese orphans in Taipei, Taiwan on Thursday. His smile indicates this photo was shot before James was dunked on. (Wally Santana/AP)

While many of his fellow NBA superstars are mulling overseas contract offers to fill the void left by an anticipated extended lockout, LeBron James is optimistically banking on NBA basketball in 2011-12.

So he’s decided to take his international vacation early with his benefactors at Nike.

But while James may not have been aiming for his best “Kevin Durant does Rucker Park” imitation during a recent exhibition game in Taipei, you can bet he didn’t expect to be pick-pocketed and then dunked on by a Taiwanese kid.

James could have let the kid finish the play unobstructed, but watch (while the video is still up) as he pursues the player and clearly tries to execute one his flashy trailing blocks at the last second to no avail. And the crowd goes wild!

(Watch James try to silence the masses on the ensuing play, only to cough the ball up once again.)

According to a write up, James was coaching — not playing — in the all-star game but decided to drop the clipboard and hit the hardwood with his team down a bucket at the half. He threw a few off-the-backboard passes to himself for big dunks, but the slam of the night belongs to the kid above.

(H/T Jimmy Traina)