Oh, that wacky LeBron James. He showed the people of Cleveland. Cavaliers fans were all ready with their boos and their jeers and their japery and, when he was introduced before the Miami Heat’s game, he was a no-show.

You could make a convincing case that the Heat followed his lead. Sure, he had 27 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists when he finally emerged from the locker room, but the Heat managed to lose 102-90, even though the blew a 23-point lead.

Maybe King James really was in the throne room, as he says he was. (“I was just using the restroom. Am I allowed to do that?” No. You are a king. Get someone else to do it.) Or maybe LeBron was still chapped about parking problems earlier in the day at the Q. Turns out he’s not such a big deal there anymore.

Even before the game began, change was in the air as the Cavs sent the message, years too late, that they don't do posses anymore. Apparently, James believes that The Q is still the Court of St. James. He showed up for Miami's shootaround Tuesday morning in a two-car procession. He had a driver for his car. Assorted fawners and scrapers, perhaps even an Equestrian or two from his Four Horsemen sports management group, were motoring along subserviently in the second car. The Cavs told him to try the players' parking lot again with one car and no chauffeur.

Oof. You’d stay in the locker room as long as possible, too.