Despite the owners’ lockout of NFL players, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be able to attend the wedding of quarterback Tony Romo on Saturday in Dallas.

“I've gotten special permission,” Jones, apparently a stickler for etiquette, said Wednesday at the NFL owners’ meetings in Indianapolis (via ESPN Dallas). “But more than anything, [I got the] right ticket from him and his fiancee — Romo’s wife-to-be. [It's] one of prettiest invitations I've ever seen. So, yes, I will be there and [I'm] proud for him. He's got the best end of this deal.”

(It would be so much better if this story ended with Jones being required to spend $800 in order to stand outside and watch the ceremony on a giant screen.)

NFL teams and players and their agents are not allowed to speak during the lockout, but charity and personal events (weddings, funerals, emergencies) are a different matter. Technically, Jones didn’t need clearance to attend the nups of Romo and Candice Crawford.