Lorenzo Alexander helps dedicate A Redskins Youth Fitness Zone in January. (Dayna Smith / For the Washington Post)

You become a sports fan, you get used to the idea that players might not stay with your team forever. And you never count on them falling in love with the community.

Not Lorenzo Alexander. The Redskins’ linebacker blogs today on Sports Buzz that — cue Sally Field — he likes us. He really likes us.

The 5th week of the 2006 season was when I officially became a Redskin. Being from the west coast and only playing for the Carolina Panthers a year, I definitely was not sold on spending a large portion of my time on the East Coast. There were a few very good reasons... (1) Growing up in Oakland I felt Northern Virginia was in the middle of nowhere, (2) I did not know anyone (3) I was 3000 miles from home (4) it snowed!

However, almost 5 years later I have fallen in love with the area, the people and now consider this “my home away from home.” Actually, my wife and I have decided to remain in Virginia post NFL to continue to raise our family and are happily planting our roots in what we consider a diverse and proactive community.

He likes the community, the cultural opportunities, the charitable work, the location...probably likes the Beltway, too.

H/T The Cooley Zone