Lorenzo Alexander greets Vince Young (Grant Halverson / Getty Images)

In his latest One Man Gang blog entry, Alexander offers insight into how veterans view the draft and the threat to job security posed by the annual arrival of fresh, young players. He “frankly couldn’t care less” whether the Redskins take a linebacker/defensive end in the defense-laden class of 2011 because “I am still extremely confident in my own ability and the ability of my teammates to get the job done regardless of who the Redskins choose.”

Alexander is confident but not cocky.

When the draft begins on Thursday and the tenth pick rolls around I have no idea who the Redskins will choose. However, if we draft an OLB, he will be added to a solid blue collar group of linebackers. I will encourage and mentor him, and ultimately we will push and challenge each other making the “Skins” a better team. My goal is to do whatever it takes to create an opportunity at winning the Super Bowl, that’s why I play the game. If that means I’m the starter... great, if that means I’m only playing special teams...great, or any combination of the two. I am not as concerned as to what my role looks like as long as I am making a positive contribution to the Redskins season and legacy.