Frank McCourt, look what you’ve done now. You’ve made MLB Commissioner Bud Selig make this face. (BRENDAN MCDERMID/REUTERS)

If you’ve been following this story, you’re aware there’s no love lost between McCourt and Selig, and if Wednesday’s proceedings are a good indicator, things could get pretty nasty before a resolution is reached.

Dodgers attorney Bruce Bennett began the day by telling the judge that accepting MLB’s $150 million financing offer would be equivalent to making “a deal with the devil.”

Late last month the Dodgers were granted interim approval on a $150 million bankruptcy for the team claiming MLB had blocked a multibillion-dollar TV deal with Fox Sports that McCourt says would have kept the struggling franchise’s financial head above water.

On Wednesday, MLB attorney Thomas Lauria said McCourt had violated league rules by filing for bankruptcy protection without league approval. Lauria also said Selig would be willing to work with the Dodgers to resolve their concerns over the league’s financing plan.

The needs of the Dodgers will differ greatly based on who you ask. What McCourt needs is money to maintain control of the Dodgers. What Dodgers fans need is McCourt to get the boot. And what fans of the team, its players and the city of Los Angeles need is for the Dodgers to put an end to their four-game skid and drag themselves out of the NL West cellar.

This could take a while...