The Dodgers plan to get back in the black by...slashing concessions prices at their ballpark? Brilliant. (SAM MIRCOVICH/REUTERS)

Days later, a number of part-time employees at Dodger Stadium went unpaid when their checks from the organization bounced.

The Dodgers said the checks bounced because the team’s account was frozen for 48 hours, and not because the team could not cover the expenses. Team spokesman Josh Rawitzh said those paychecks were reiussed Wednesday.

Count this minor glitch as the latest infraction in a series of major missteps by the Dodgers in the McCourt era.

Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness took the trouble to list the “collected sins” committed under McCourt’s watch.

Those included:

#20 - Asked for nearly $500k per month in spousal support, including flowers, hair and makeup, free tickets to all NL games, and access to a private jet.

#42 - Announced sham divores settlement that was not only untenable because it depended entirely on Selig’s unlikely approval of Fox deal, but confirmed that $173.5m would actually go for personal use.

And first and foremost...

#1 - Purchased Dodgers almost entirely on debt.