(EA Sports)

The cover for this year’s title features Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis, who won an online fan vote to secure the hallowed, but possibly cursed slot on the cover of a Madden game.

When asked about the new Madden 12 cover, Hillis admitted to not playing many video games but nonetheless said he felt honored by the selection.

“It's exciting," Hillis said to AP after practice Monday. "I've been very blessed. I'm kind of speechless at times. I'm grateful, but it's time to move on.”

That whole “Madden curse” thing doesn’t seem to bother him much, either, despite the fact that he spent the latter half of 2010 nicked up while shouldering nearly the entire rushing load for the Browns.

“I really don't care what people think. I'm a guy who is going to go out there and do his best, and I'm a guy who has always gone out there and proved people wrong. I'm not worried about it and I've never been worried about a curse. I'm just going to go out and do my best.”

I think Peyton should have a little more respect for the curse, but I suppose handing out free copies to your teammates is a good way to start shedding bad karma.

While I have yet to snag my copy of Madden NFL 12 (The nearest Best Buy is just out of range for a lunchtime dash), I am looking forward to seeing the improved franchise mode, which among other changes will feature dynamic player performance based on whether your player had a good or bad game the previous week.

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