You know that “Charge!” ditty used in a lame attempt to pep up the inert and the inebriated at stadiums and ballparks? Bobby Kent wants to do some charging of his own.

He has filed suit, seeking payment from every sports teamor stadium that has used “Stadium Doo Dads,”a song he wrote in 1978 when he was the San Diego Chargers’ musical director. You know how the key part goes: “da da da da da da ... CHARGE!”

He copyrighted it in 1981 and received $10,000-$20,000 a year from the Chargers. (No wonder NFL teams don’t want to open their books...they kept paying to use this???) Now, he has filed suit against the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers in a Miami-Dade court.

Kent’s lawyer, Richard C. Wolfe, contacted teams to see how many used the song. “Many of them replied back and said they had never used it, which was totally untrue,” Wolfe told Miami New Times’ Riptide blog. “[The Texas Rangers] used it 31 times during the World Series.”

(via Deadspin)