But ... it was a Krispy Kreme! (Francisco Seco / AP)

David de Gea learned that the hard way when he “scoffed an Original Glazed ring treat from a Krispy Kreme cabinet,” according to the Sun, at a store in Manchester.

De Gea, dubbed “the sticky-fingered stopper” by the Sun, and two Spanish companions, “weren't very subtle,” a source told the Sun. “They swaggered in chatting loudly in Spanish. The security guards who monitor the [closed-circuit TV] watched two of them take a doughnut each out of the Krispy Kreme cabinet. Incredibly, they then appeared to try to leave without paying — or buying anything else for that matter.”

They were taken by security guards to the Tesco store’s stop-and-search room with de Gea, the Sun reported, looking “pretty embarrassed.” A Tesco spokesman told the newspaper that police were not summoned and “the issue was resolved.” There’s no word on whether Tesco’s policy of banning shoplifters for three months will apply.

De Gea, 20, signed an £18.3 million, five-year deal with Man U in June. The donut goes for £1.19.