Embrace the hate.

Okay, you filled out your real NCAA tournament bracket in our Bracket Challenge. Now it’s time for March Mad-ness.

This is about finding the most reviled school in college hoops. We asked Post readers for the teams they just can’t root for, and you sent in more than 200 comments. After tallying the recommendations, we’ve arrived at an eight-team field. Check out the bracket (and let your blood begin to boil). Also, take a look at the eight teams and read why they made the cut.

Now you get to vote on the most hated team in the NCAA. The first matchup pits Duke, the No. 1 overall seed, vs. Cinderella hopeful South Dakota State. Check out the breakdown and vote for your (least) favorite.

Duke credentials: Just like on the basketball court, Duke is a powerhouse in the bracket of hate and a big threat to win it all. You already know the reasons people can’t root for the Blue Devils. Coach K with the officials in his pocket. The Cameron Crazies, being Cameron crazy. Cherokee Parks’ hair. Christian. Laettner.

Commenter MeltdownMan’s anti-Duke rant: “Rhymes with Puke.”

South Dakota State Credentials: The Jackrabbits might have sleeper potential in the NCAA bracket, but can they find themselves on the receiving end of more hatred than Duke? It’s unsure who hates this relatively anonymous school, which got an automatic bid into the tournament thanks to the following stellar comment:

Commenter CvilleJohn’s anti-SDSU rant: “Well isn’t this obvious? It has to be South Dakota State. They act all high and mighty like they are the biggest thing to ever come out of Brookings. Think of every Jackrabbit you have ever met with that smug attitude like their corn is better than anyone else’s.”

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