Barcelona FC has had an interesting if unusually challenging U.S. tour this summer. Most marquee European teams look to their summer tours across the pond as a way to test youngsters and extend their brand as well as allowing some senior stars to get much needed rest before the next season.

Not so for Barca, who lost in their first game against Manchester United 2-1 in Washington, then headed to Miami to take on Chivas de Guadalajara before a record crowd at Sun Life Stadium. After leading 1-0 at halftime, they were subjected to an onslaught of Chivas goals, the highlight of which was a spectacular bicycle-kick goal from Marco Fabian.

In a span of five minutes, the 22-year old Mexican midfielder reversed the Barca lead. In the 60th minute Fabian powered a long-range effort from 30 yards out into the top corner of the net. Two minutes later as a cross from the right wing sailed seemingly over his head, Fabian twisted in mid-air to deliver a perfect overhead scissor kick and send the ball past the Barcelona goalkeeper.

Two more goals from Chivas sealed the victory, and sent Barcelona to its second straight loss. "This is a dream come true, to score not one but two goals against a great team like Barcelona,"Fabian told USA Today, "Life continues, but this is something I will cherish."