It kind of figures that the daughter of Mark Rypien, Super Bowl XXVI MVP for the Washington Redskins in 1992, might be interested in athletics.

Angela Rypien is. She is expected to play quarterback for the Seattle Mist this fall in the Lingerie Football League...according to the LFL, and observant male fans everywhere.

[Here is a helpful translation of how Redskins fans read those two grafs: Blah blah blah Redskins blah blah blah Super Bowl blah blah blah Rypien blah lingerie lingerie. Lingerie. Football. Lingerie. Redskins.]

For those who prefer chiffon-free football, the LFL consists of 12 teams of women playing seven-on-seven (quarterback, center, two running backs, three receivers) tackle football on a 50-yard field. There are 17-minute halves and, with resolution of the NFL lockout proceeding at whatever is slower than a snail’s pace, this may be one of only a couple of pigskin options this fall.

If it hardly seems possible that Rypien could have a daughter old enough to play in the LFL, remember that Mark Brunell has a daughter old enough to draw Mark Sanchez’ attention.