Get it ouuuutttttt!!! (Jeff Roberson/AP)

Pop up collisions with teammates, crashing into the wall, spraining a wrist on a sliding catch.

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder would like to make an addition: moth in the ear canal.

In the eighth inning of Monday’s Cardinals-Dodgers game, the left fielder trotted into the infield holding his right ear and grimacing. Cardinals trainer Barry Weinberg came out to meet him and then the two jogged into the team’s clubhouse with plenty of confusion in the ballpark.

As it turned out, a moth had flown into Holliday’s ear and was stuck deep inside his ear canal. Team spokesman Brian Bartow said Holliday was taken into a dark room where trainers tried to lure the critter out with a light. When that failed, they resorted to tweezers, which pulled the moth out — alive.

(Jeff Roberson/AP)

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We’ve all heard the myth (or truth, depending on your point of view) that the average human eats four spiders during its lifetime.

But imagine a furry moth fluttering around inside your head. And what would happen if it got hungry? Or happened to be pregnant?

All right, that’s certainly enough speculation.

Holliday — who was replaced in the lineup by Corey Patterson — was not made available to media after the game, probably because he was busy checking to make sure his brain was still in tact.

The moral of the story: if you’re an outfielder with flip-down shades for day games, you might want to invest in a pair of ear plugs for night games, just in case you encounter a swarm of moths.