Three years into his modest NFL career, Michael Crabtree is finally becoming a consistent contributor in the San Francisco offense. Coincidentally (or not), the 49ers (5-1) are off to their best start since 2002.

Not coincidentally, Crabtree is getting more face time as a result of his production, which means football fans — particularly in the Bay Area — know what his face looks like.

On Tuesday, that increased notoriety may have cost Crabtree, who tweeted his explanation for missing a bye week flight.

Just got pull over on highway 280 on my way to the airport. Police kept me for 30 mins.....Tue Oct 18 23:53:13 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Michael Crabtree

Then told me he was a raiders fan and didn’t like the niners!! Made me miss my flight! #49ersTue Oct 18 23:55:15 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Michael Crabtree

It’s quite possible the fan-cop (I hope you’re also envisioning the quintessential Raiders fan wearing a badge and aviator sunglasses) was looking for a way to take out his frustration at Oakland’s front office mortgaging its future on Carson Palmer.

Or perhaps he simply wanted to teach Crabtree a valuable lesson about leaving sufficient time to get through security at the airport.

But Crabtree can at least be thankful that the police officer resisted the urge to give Crabtree a Jim Harbaugh-style handshake and pat on the back.

(H/T Shutdown Corner)