A funny thing happened on the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs’ journey from Islip, N.Y., (home of the Long Island Ducks) to Bridgeport, Conn., (home of the Bluefish). The team’s bus broke down. In the Bronx. Which meant the decision by pitcher Michael Schlact to live tweet the journey turned into a modern “Bull Durham.”

#Liveroadtriptweeting began with:

The lavatory smells like moldy rice cakes and bleach. Movie #1 is Taken. I'm losing every Words With Friends battle.

From there, the highlights:

Our catcher is in the back row sleeping on a pool raft.

Our 3B just walked across the top of 8 rows of chairs to reach the previously mentioned moldy rice cake lavatory.

Thinking to myself, “How long before this game of cards turns into a fight?”

Also thinking to myself, “Do my thoughts go in quotes?”

Now a few of us are trying to figure out how we can get our 2B into the overhead compartment so that he can sleep.

Trying to convince our catcher to sit on the toilet in the moldy rice cake & hand sanitizer smelling lavatory for 1 hr

I'm so bored that I just googled bing. My computer crashed. Uh oh.

And then...

In 8 years of pro ball, this is my first bus breakdown.

#LiveRoadTripTweeting it's a broken belt. Good thing I'm wearing one. #BrokenBus

#LiveRoadTripTweeting A street vendor just tried selling me Foakleys. #BrokenBus

#LiveRoadTripTweeting If we start walking now, we could be in Bridgeport by sunrise...Wednesday. #BrokenBus

#LiveRoadTripTweeting I'm so bored I just bought a "I <3 NY" shirt. #BrokenBus

#LiveRoadTripTweeting A reliever is taking bets on doing the worm in the middle of I-95. #BrokenBus

The Blue Crabs play the Bluefish at 7:05 tonight.

H/T Eric Stangel