Michael Vick would like you to take those sky-high expectations for the Eagles and raise them. (TIM SHAFFER/REUTERS)

Athletes can get complacent, lazy, argumentative and check out on their team (see: Haynesworth, Albert, Vick, Michael 1.0). And frankly, it’s impossible to live up to the expectations associated with a contract that massive.

Well, in the immediate wake of signing his new six-year contract (which may actually be worth $80 million), Vick said all the right things.

Then he told Yahoo! Sports columnist Michael Silver something that will no doubt become bulletin board material in every defensive coordinator’s office in the NFL.

“You can’t design a defense to stop me, especially not on this team,” Vick said. “We have so many weapons, and some teams have tried to make that their primary focus. That’s when we run up the score.”

Credit Vick for displaying the confidence of a man charged with leading a team his now-injured backup, Vince Young, referred to as a “dream team.” In just his second year back from a two-year stint behind bars, Vick proved he has plenty of the skills left that made him one of the league’s most exciting players in Atlanta.

But claiming to be unstoppable might be taking things a little too far.

Nevertheless, Eagles coach Andy Reid seems to agree.

“People can say there’s a way to stop Michael Vick, but this is a team sport,” Reid told Silver. “You’ve got this beautiful mind of Marty’s and you’ve got to deal with what he’s gonna throw at you, and there are all these other players you have to defend. You can say you’re gonna stop Michael Vick, but you’ve got to stop the whole group.”

That whole group includes a few question marks along the offensive line, a top wide receiver looking for a new contract and a No. 2 that missed the entire preseason with a mystery illness that resulted in major weight loss.

Many expect this will be the year Philly finally makes a run to the Super Bowl and comes away with the trophy — count the confident Eagles roster among them.