Vick gets a finger on his throwing hand taped. (Alex Brandon / AP)

“The dream team thing is over,” Vick told the team’s website Tuesday. “Now we just have to forget about everything that's happened and take it one game at a time. That's what I've sensed in the locker room. I sense change. Nobody's happy about this.”

The Eagles play the 3-1 Buffalo Bills this weekend, followed by the Washington Redskins. Vick’s backup, Vince Young, bestowed the dream team nickname, but that freewheeling spree seems like it was ages ago. Vick took it a step further in comments today.

“The dream team ... that word is dead now,” Vick said. “Can't talk dream team any more. Maybe it put pressure on some players, maybe it didn't, but I think just the fact that it was lingering around and people were talking about it creates a sense of pressure.

“So it's over with. We're just one of the teams that's got to scratch and claw from the bottom.”

Players used the word “urgency” to describe their situation and showed up to work on their day off Tuesday.

“There definitely is a sense of urgency among not just the offense, the defense, everybody around here that we need to win now and there’s not really another option,” Todd Herremans said. “So we just need to spend the week preparing for the game against the Bills and we can’t really look forward any further than that.”