View Photo Gallery: Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary’s testimony will send Penn State officials Tim Curley and Gary Schultz to trial for lying to a grand jury during the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse investigation.

Update (3:30 p.m.): District Judge William C. Wenner has ruled that based on former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary’s testimony, prosecutors have sufficient evidence to send university officials Tim Curley and Gary Schultz to trial for lying to a grand jury regarding the sexual abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky.

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Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary took the stand Friday to testify against school administrators in the ongoing child sexual abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky.

In his testimony at the preliminary hearing for Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, McQueary said he believes he saw Sandusky sexually molesting a boy in the shower but was not 100 percent sure it was intercourse.

McQueary said he peeked into the shower several times and saw Sandusky with his hands wrapped around the waist of a boy he estimated to be 10 or 12 years old. He said both were naked, the boy was facing the wall, and that the last time he looked in, Sandusky and the boy had separated.

“I know they saw me,” McQueary said. “They looked directly in my eye, both of them.”

McQueary said he reported what he saw to recently-fired head coach Joe Paterno, but that he did not give Paterno explicit details of what he thought he saw out of respect for the coach. Paterno told his assistant he’d “done the right thing” and that he would notify others of the incident.

When McQueary met with Curley and Schultz nine or 10 days later, he told them he heard skin on skin slapping sounds in a locker room shower, and then saw Sandusky and the boy, both naked. McQueary said he fully conveyed what he had seen. The two officials have been accused of lying to a grand jury about McQueary’s report.

“I told them that I saw Jerry in the showers with a young boy and that what I had seen was extremely sexual and over the lines and it was wrong,” McQueary said Friday. “I would have described that it was extremely sexual and I thought that some kind of intercourse was going on.”

Last month’s grand jury report summarized McQueary’s testimony as saying he “saw a naked boy ... with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky.”

McQueary said he did not go to the police with his account because as a vice president at Penn State, Schultz had overseen the campus police department. Curley, Penn State’s athletic director, and Schultz told the grand jury they only recalled McQueary reporting something inappropriate, like wrestling, but not rape.

“I had the impression it was inappropriate,” Schultz told the grand jury. “I had the feeling it was some kind of wrestling activity and maybe Jerry might have grabbed a young boys genitals.”

Sandusky, who waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, maintains he is innocent of the 52 charges he faces for allegedly assaulting 10 boys over a 15-year period in his home and on the campus of Penn State. His arraignment date was set for Jan. 11.


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