Kevin Durant was so happy he was going to put on a suit, a Thunder cap and cry. (Presumably, he’ll also grab his backpack.) Stephen Curry’s reaction to news of a tentative deal between NBA players and owners was cautious — “#fingerscrossed.”

LeBron James couldn’t be happier if Santa delivered Steve Nash to South Beach. Kevin Love learned he’d be going back to work soon right after seeing Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Caught the 10:45 showing of the Muppets Movie and I see we have struck a deal...Sat Nov 26 09:01:23 via Twitter for iPhoneKevin Love

As Curry pointed out on Twitter, there’s still the matter of getting approval from both sides of the collective bargaining agreement that will end the player lockout that began July 1. There are any number of ways in which the agreement can still go south, but at the moment it appears that camps would open Dec. 9, a 66-day season would begin on Christmas Day and the playoffs would be pushed back perhaps a week.

“All I feel right now is ‘finally,’ ” LeBron’s teammate, Dwyane Wade told the Associated Press.

Is it true is it really overSat Nov 26 08:41:32 via Twitter for BlackBerry®andray blatche

Really hope there’s a reason they agreed and we have no problem passing the CBA through the vote. #fingerscrossedSat Nov 26 08:59:40 via TweetlogixStephen Curry

This isn’t exactly “our long national nightmare is over” territory, but it’s still terribly welcome news.

In the words of the great Biggie smalls..”It was all a dream”...GM World..Sat Nov 26 16:03:24 via UberSocial for BlackBerryDwyane Wade

If this is true I am Bouta go wake my mom n grandma up and put on a suit and thunder hat and cry! Please be true #nbabackSat Nov 26 09:21:13 via EchofonKevin Durant

Looks like there’ll be no more Oklahoma State flag football for him.

Mannnn im bouta to get a ratchet tattoo on my ribs that say “survived the nba lockout in 2011”Sat Nov 26 09:55:05 via EchofonKevin Durant

Don’t pump fake me y’all!! Let’s get this goin!!!Sat Nov 26 08:36:32 via Twitter for iPhoneDerrick Williams

I HAVE A JOB AGAIN!!! yesssssssssssSat Nov 26 08:54:31 via FacebookJeremy Lin

LeBron seems pretty stoked, tweeting: “Miami/South Florida let’s go!!!! HEAT is gone be on FIRE” and:

Man I just got up not to long ago and see we have a deal! I feel like my kids on X-mas day! So juiced!! Excited for ... Nov 26 16:17:43 via UberSocial for BlackBerryLeBron James

Bout to go work out now!!!!! Continue to get ready. Work off this thanksgiving weight. Work never stops.Sat Nov 26 14:18:26 via Twitter for iPhoneRoy Hibbert

Thought I was dreaming last night, but I woke up this a.m and its real! #NBAisBackSat Nov 26 16:42:26 via webJordan Hamilton

And ... we have a winner:

This must be how the guys in Space Jam felt when MJ gave them their powers back through that old basketball.Sat Nov 26 14:26:49 via EchofonBlake Griffin