Yes, that’s Tony Parker. And yes, that’s a jet pack strapped to his back. (

Apparently San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker has a few other hobbies to keep him entertained. published a photo of Parker flying a “water-propelled jet pack” above the Mediterranean Sea during a vacation in St. Tropez. According to the Web site, the ride set Parker back a cool $5,000.

Check out a promotional video of the jetpack in action here.

The jetpack is reportedly cally a JetLev, which uses water to propel itself skyward.

No news yet on whether “flying in a jet pack” is permitted under Parker’s current contract with the Spurs.

I’ve always wanted to go parasailing, but I gues that’s moot now. Why take a ride in a parachute tied to a boat when you can run on water and fly?

Matt Brooks is the high school sports editor for The Washington Post. He's an Arlington native and longtime District resident and was previously a high school sports reporter, editor for several blogs and Early Lead contributor with The Post.