Derek Fisher (left) and Billy Hunter (right) have not been on the same page for some time. (Seth Wenig/AP)

And while players and league owners did eventually reach a resolution, the tension between National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter and union president Derek Fisher continues to fester.

At Hunter’s urging, the NBPA’s executive committee has now voted to seek Fisher’s resignation. But Fisher won’t budge, and is in the process of gathering support from players with the aim of forming a coalition to challenge Hunter’s business and financial practices, according to a Yahoo Sports report.

Fisher has been seeking an internal review of the NBPA’s business practices by an independent firm, according to an report published Thursday. The executive committee deemed the review “unnecessary” and the players who make up the committee are pushing Fisher to step down.

Fisher continues to push for a review despite facing pressure to resign. (Stephen Dunn/GETTY IMAGES)

“He lost the confidence of the players and he’s not representing our interests,” a union source told “We gave him the courtesy of having the option to resign without letting this thing get messy.”

Last week Hunter vetoed Fisher’s push for the review, stating in a memo obtained by that the committee “voted to rescind the resolution it made last week to conduct a review of the NBPA’s practices and finances” because “the review was unnecessary since there had been a recent independent audit of the NBPA’s finances which raised no issues.”

Asked about his approval ratings among the NBA player ranks, Hunter told, “I don’t even think about that. I do my job. I’m under contract. That’s it. I don’t take it personally. People have a right to their opinions.”

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