It’s going to be tricky watching 16 games on four networks. Here’s all you need to know:


12:15: West Virginia vs. Clemson (CBS)

12:40: Butler vs. Old Dominion (truTV)

1:40: Louisville vs. Morehead State (TBS)

2:10: Temple vs. Penn State (TNT)

2:45: Kentucky vs. Princeton (CBS)

3:10: Pittsburgh vs. UNC Asheville (truTV)

4:10: Vanderbilt vs. Richmond (TBS)

4:40: San Diego State vs. Northern Colorado (TNT)


6:50: Florida vs. UC Santa Barbara (TBS)

7:15: BYU vs. Wofford (CBS)

7:20: Connecticut vs. Bucknell (TNT)

7:27: Wisconsin vs. Belmont (truTV)

9:20: UCLA vs. Michigan State (TBS)

9:45: St. John’s vs. Gonzaga (CBS)

9:50: Cincinnati vs. Missouri (TNT)

9:57: Kansas State vs. Utah State (truTV)

Which game are you most looking forward to today? Maybe Connecticut-Bucknell (ask Kansas about the Bison) or Wisconsin-Belmont if you’re into David vs. Goliath. How many games will you be able to catch while you contemplate whether “One Shining Moment” is the worst song ever? And ... will you get any work at all done? Not if I can help it. Here’s where to catch the live stream of games (pay particular attention to that Boss Button in the upper right corner; I can’t write excuses for all of you). Make no mistake, bosses will be watching.

Eric Prisbell will be live blogging at The 68 blog; you can follow him and editor Matt Bonesteel on Twitter, too. I’ll post updates as well here and on Twitter.