Some NCAA numbers:

Out of 5.9 million entries in ESPN’s NCAA bracket pool, only 317 people went 16-0 on the first day of games Thursday.

Yep, 317 people perfectly nailed the first day of action, which doesn’t seem out of the norm. Good for them, those pocket-protector-wearing losers (not that I’m bitter). But there’s a stat that seems more amazing. ESPN PR guru Bill Hofheimer reports that five people managed to whiff entirely colossally epically with 0-16 brackets. How does that even happen?

Barack Obama, president of the United States, could have been 318. Instead, he went 14-2, nailing the Richmond upset, whiffing on Michigan State.

With its new, all-games-in-their-entirety on four networks, CBS reports that overnight ratings were the highest in 20 years for the first Thursday of the tournament.