The voice of Gus Johnson fills commercials, a truly awesome unofficial soundboard, and Madden games. Soon, there’ll be Gus Johnson apparel. And, of course, there’s the Law of Gus Johnson, decreed but not codified by ESPN’s Bill Simmons.

“If Gus Johnson is calling an NFL game,” Simmons wrote last fall, “the odds quintuple that (A) the lead will change hands in the fourth quarter; (B) someone will complete a long pass in a big moment that will make Gus' voice hit an octave only dogs can hear; and (C) the game will go into overtime or at least come damned close. It seems impossible that the mere presence of an announcer would alter the course of the game, but here's my theory: I think God sits in his Man Cave on Sundays and says, "Which game is that Gus Johnson calling? I get a kick out of that guy. I think I'll make his game exciting and see if he completely loses his mind."

The latest evidence that March belongs to Gus Johnson: George Mason-Villanova. He didn’t lose his mind, but still ... as Gus Johnson would say, “hah, HAAAAH!”