It was refreshing, for a change, to watch a basketball game in which players weren’t constantly clanging free throws and prompting a renewal of lamentations about the lost art of free-throwing shooting, but this was a little ridiculous.

Michigan didn’t make a single free throw in its 75-45 victory over Tennessee — and went to the line all of once. The Wolverines, who’ve had their issues at the line, are the first team in NCAA tourney history to win a game without making a free throw.

Michigan is the first team in NCAA history to win a game without making a free throw #goblueless than a minute ago via HootSuiteU-M Men’s Basketball

The game was noteworthy for another reason: it set the table for a possible matchup with Duke, who’s playing Hampton. And that puts the ESPN documentary in which Jalen Rose of Michigan’s Fab Five made controversial remarks about the Duke program back in the spotlight.

The Blue Devils were keeping their distance from Rose’s remarks and Grant Hill’s rebuttal. “We’re here to beat Hampton,” Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski said, “and I’ll let my players, my former players, and the people in our program comment on all those things. To me, you got to be in this moment, not in somebody else’s moment.”