Ndamukong Suh argued his ejection with Terry McAulay. (Gregory Shamus / Getty Images)

ESPN, citing league sources, reports that Suh is expected to be suspended at least two games and perhaps will be required to attend anger-management classes. Fox’s Jay Glazer reports that he’ll draw a “one-to-two” game suspension and that officials are discussing the matter today.

In the third quarter of the Lions’ loss to the Green Bay Packers, Suh was ejected for repeatedly smacking the head of offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith against the turf and then stomping on his arm as Suh tried to get up from a tangle of players.

Suh’s own history and league precedent will factor into the decision. In a year and a half in the NFL, he has had nine personal fouls and has been fined $42,500. On the Lions’ bye week in early November, he and Coach Jim Schwartz traveled to New York to speak to NFL officials about NFL rules. As for the league precedent, Albert Haynesworth was suspended five games for stomping the face of Andre Gurode — he needed 30 stitches — in 2006. Dietrich-Smith was unhurt and the Suh incident is regarded as far less malevolent.

The Lions upbraided Suh with a public statement Friday and his teammates, according to Glazer and the NFL Network, reportedly talked to him about the stomp and his lack of remorse afterward. On Friday night, Suh posted an apology and explanation on Facebook:

“My reaction on Thursday was unacceptable. I made a mistake, and have learned from it. I hope to direct the focus back to the task at hand — by winning.”

If suspended, Suh could appeal. The Lions next play New Orleans on Dec. 4.

What’s your take? Is a two-game suspension adequate? Too much?